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    5 ways your business benefits from training


    At some companies, training employees involves tossing a new hire a handbook and expecting them to take the time to read it. I’ve seen this happen before (and trust me, it never ends well).

    ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Insurance, Partners, Legal, Business Owners

    How to not fail the 90 day test

    The first three months of any new job – or big project – are critical. They set the pace for the days and months to come. They also begin to define the future for months or even years down the road. It’s more than the probationary period for employment. It’s your roadmap for the future.

    Just like coaching any team, a great start is to get to know your players. That’s exactly how I viewed my first 90 days at Fonality. I set out with a bold goal: to improve how Fonality operates in our space by taking our Channel Program to the next level. ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Partners, Tips & Tools

    Fonality bolsters UC offering with Video Collaboration enhancements

    Topics: News

    Meet Debbie Bateman, Fonality Employee of the Year

    Topics: News

    PCMag award, new features, and more in the Fonality 411

    Topics: News

    How long 'til winter weather cripples your office?

    Topics: Insurance, Partners, Tips & Tools, Legal, Business Owners, IT Pros

    ICYMI: Fonality Support open 24/7 & Updating your holiday scheduler

    Topics: Insurance, Partners, Legal, Business Owners, IT Pros

    The good, the bad & the ugly (sweaters)

    Topics: Business Owners

    Fonality Support is open 24/7

    Topics: Insurance, Partners, Legal, News, Business Owners, IT Pros

    Daily Cloud features Fonality

    Topics: News

    Holiday Scheduler tips, Referral Program, and more in the Fonality 411

    Topics: Insurance, Partners, Legal, Business Owners, IT Pros

    Naughty or nice? 5 ways to hit your budget benchmark

    Topics: Tips & Tools
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