Like many other world class software companies, Fonality is beginning the transition to a subscription-based model.  Small to medium sized business love it because they prefer their communication solution as a flat monthly payment over a large upfront capital expense with unforeseen support and upgrade costs in the future.  Realizing the benefits of a predictable residual income for their businesses, channel partners are also eager to... (Read More)
Just a quick look around your corporate office reveals the tidal wave of change sweeping the business world: cubicles are becoming increasingly vacant as a number of employees work from home several days a week; IM pop ups and unified messaging bubbles are floating across computer screens; and a number of employees are participating in virtual meetings with their colleagues thanks to the advent of video conferencing and screen sharing. We are... (Read More)
Daylight Savings always means a lot more than just pushing the clock forward an hour: it marks the immediacy of spring, the winding down of Q1 and the kick in the pants businesses to start making splashes for the year. It also—to the dismay of many—signifies the onset of spring cleaning fever (of which not even the largest of enterprises are immune). Across the globe, individuals and businesses gear up for cleansing, dusting, refocusingand re-... (Read More)
Sure, Mother's Day is a ways away, and sure, your mom (probably) isn't a small to midsize business. But it stands to reason that (1) you should start thinking about a great present for the woman who brought you into this world now - so you don't wind up with some flowers picked from your neighbor's yard again - and (2) unified communications would actually be great way to improve the day-to-day tasks that mothers often find themselves doing.... (Read More)
When SAP recently released its tongue-in-cheek "Mobile 10 Commandments" for the Mobile World Congress, it got us thinking: Maybe all sorts of technology providers should do the same thing. After all, the best way for a business to mess up introducing a new form of technology is to not fully understand it. (Remember when your parents would try to program the VCR? Case in point.) So, with that in mind, Fonality presents: The 10 Commandments of... (Read More)
In my office, there is one thing that every one of my employees is clamoring to do: work from home. What once was a idealistic dream-job opportunity is now far more realistic, as effective mobile hardware and unified communications tools have become more affordable and available for even the smallest of businesses. Even long-held beliefs that telecommuting makes for a black hole of productivity have largely been debunked. In fact, a... (Read More)
As a lawyer, your time is at a premium. Clients are more demanding than ever and deadlines are always looming. How can you best balance meeting the needs of your customers, while finishing your work? Is there some kind of superpower that will allow you to work more? The answer may lie with your phone system. There is so much new technology with phone systems that makes it more than that handset that sets on your desk. Here are three... (Read More)
Ever go into a restaurant or shop and find yourself immediately turned off—so much so that you just decide to leave?  The music is too loud or too obnoxious, the line is ridiculously long or maybe you’re just stuck standing behind that guy who won’t stop talking about something you find utterly uninteresting, at best, or, worse still, completely obnoxious? That’s the same experience that customers have when they call your business and are... (Read More)
Today begins one of my most favorite times of the year. March Madness. I love filling out a bracket and following them from start to finish. My eyes light up when someone asks me, “Who’s in your final four?”.  I love watching the games and following the underdog of the year (I’m hoping it’s Baylor, but maybe I’m biased).  It’s the time when absolutely anything is possible. The upsets are inevitable.  March Madness is the best.... (Read More)
There is certainly no disputing the alphabet soup of acronyms that characterize the technology sector. After all, from M2M to SBC to IoT, this vertical is inundated with a sea of consonants and vowels. But when it comes to customer service and the contact center space, one acronym steals all the focus: FCR, or first call resolution. Simply put, FCR refers to a company’s ability to address a customer query or concern the first time he or she... (Read More)