Deployment Options

Some business phone companies provide small businesses with cloud-hosted VoIP, but they have nothing for companies who need an on-premise solution. Other companies have on-premise systems for big businesses. But that’s it.

Fonality is uniquely positioned to provide you both cloud solutions as well as on-premise to meet your specific business needs. We let you call the shots and make the right choice for your business.

If the ease of use and low-cost of a fully cloud-hosted solution makes the most sense for your business, Fonality has you covered. However, if your business demands less dependence on the Internet and an on-premise solution is a better fit, we can provide that, too.

Not sure which is right for you? Talk with one of our communications experts, who’ll help you find the best fit. There are benefits to both options and our experts are here to help you uncover the best plan for you.


There’s a lot of talk about the cloud these days, but what’s in it for you? 
A cloud-hosted business VoIP solution means you get access to all the cool enterprise communication features from an SMB business phone system. All for an economical price.

  • VoIP, fully hosted in the cloud.
  • Manage the users, not the equipment with our simple, user friendly control panel.
  • Access to big business phone features to provide outstanding customer service.
  • Lower operating expenses by 40% or more and eliminate the risk of technology obsolescence by avoiding the need to hire and train technical staff.

Quick Facts

  • Requires a reliable, high-bandwidth connection to the Internet.
  • Most affordable solution.
  • Users must use VoIP to make and receive calls. 
  • Extensive IT knowledge not required.

Fonality’s unique on-premise business phone solution allows you to manage and control your communications on-site and rest easy knowing that you have complete configuration backed up in the cloud.

  • Maintain your current voice provider with options to use VoIP, PRI, or analog services.
  • Hybrid design provides a complete configuration backup in the cloud with anywhere, anytime administration options.
  • Allows for greater control and customization for increased redundancy and disaster recovery options.
  • A simple, user friendly control panel is easy to manage even for those with little IT knowledge.

Quick Facts

  • Recommended when voice services cannot be dependent on Internet reliability.
  • System can be more highly customized to exact business needs.
  • Connect multiple offices or even remote workers with the same communication features. 
  • System administration and configuration accessed via Internet web browser and stored in Fonality's data centers.