Created especially for small- and mid-sized businesses, Fonality solutions give you all of the big company features you need at a price that fits into your budget. Our extensive features will give your business an edge over the competition by enabling you to provide world-class customer service. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself.

Call Management

Professional Voice Recordings

Establish instant credibility with your callers by building, customizing and ordering professional, studio-mastered messaging. Professional voice recordings provided by Snap Recordings

Visual Voicemail & Transcription

Ability to scan, sort, playback, delete, and flag all voicemails. VM can be accessed via email link (in MS Outlook, Gmail).

Custom Voice Prompts

"Listen carefully as our menu has changed." It’s easy to customize your Auto-Attendant menu.

Visual Call Parking

Provides the ability to view calls that have been “parked”. Tag parked calls with reminder notes, and drag calls between extensions, on-hold areas, and the parking area. Parked calls can be accessed and answered by any one within the system.


Call Screening

Talk to who you want, when you want. When you enable FindMe/ FollowMe on your extension, you can screen calls forwarded to your mobile, home or other phones. A voice prompt records the caller's name and plays it for you before you accept the call.

Drag-and-Drop Call Handling

Transfer calls to any extension, voicemail box, on-hold, or parking area, simply by clicking on the call and dragging it with your mouse from the call status area to the desired location using Heads Up Display.

Full-featured ACD

Decide which agents receive incoming calls, and how they receive them based upon pre-configured groups and routing plans.

Call Queues

Handle call queues more effectively. Set call limits to help agents better manage their queues and service levels and set call routing to your reps according to priority levels. Customize queue prompts and provide hold time announcements to let your customers know their estimated wait times.

Screen Share

Ability to “share” your screen with other users in a single web conference event.  Participants receive a secure URL to access the visible desktop. Save up to 90% versus third-party solutions.


Employees can send secure instant messages on their own private chat network without opening a third-party application.

Audio Conferencing

Host your own on-demand conference calls for both internal and external attendees, with all the features like conference recording and add or remove participants.


Greet your customers with a consistent message, then help them get to the right person fast with push-button selection and routing.

Find Me/Follow Me

Never miss another call. Ensure all calls find you based on rules you create, using features like scheduler, simultaneous ringing and privileged lists. 

Direct Dialing

Place a call directly from HUD by typing in the desired number and clicking “Call” button. HUD will call the extension first and then connects you to the outbound caller.

Branch Office Support

Ability to link different locations/branches to have a view of the whole company system.  Offering the ability for free office to office calling via VoIP and call forwarding to any extension in the linked VoIP PBX server network. 


Send a page or message to the whole company or a set of specific employees. Build groups with assigned extensions for “blast groups”.

Intercom/Zone Intercom

Ability to quickly call or talk to employees via the ability to quickly click on their number. Set dial zones and have ad-hoc conferences with employees in that specific zone.

Mobile Phone as Extension

Don’t want customers to know you’re working from home? Make and receive calls on your mobile device, with the appearance of using your office phone.

Transfer Office Calls to Mobile

Transfer calls from office to mobile device seamlessly, even in the middle of a call.


Send a one-way SMS by right clicking on the desired contact within the HUD desktop display.


Read office voicemails via SMS message on your mobile device.

HUD Mobile

Full-featured Heads Up Display on your smart device or tablet. Full call management and collaboration features including a view of all contact center queues and agent productivity. Makes keeping your eye on your business easy as if you were in your office.

Password-Protected Conference Bridges

No conference crashers! Protect unauthorized users with password protection. 

Third-party dial-in through DID

Create specific numbers for outside parties to call in to conference.

Participant Management

Control the conference with features like mute and add/remove caller. 

Conference Recording

When not everyone can make that important phone conference, simple record option ensures they can listen later.

Heads Up Display

Unifies email, chat, voicemail and more with your phone system− and puts them conveniently on your desktop.  Its your communication dashboard.

Real-Time Company Call Details

View company communication activity at a glance. Know who’s on a call, whether it’s internal or external, and how long they’ve been on the phone.

Visual Contact Presence

See any coworkers’ status at a glance; connect via voice call, chat, audio conference, screen sharing, mobile device, or text.

Color-Coded Call Status

View the status of contacts based on color of contact; Green available, Orange on a queue call, Purple, interoffice call, Grey unregistered, Yellow on an inbound/outbound call.

Google Contact Integration

Integrate all of your contacts into Heads Up Display, then add contact information from Google. 

Private Chat

Send and receive messages securely from employees without opening a third-party application.


Email anyone in your company with one click;  access their contact information and it creates an email message with pre-populated contact info.

Outlook Integration

Make your phone an extension of Outlook! When an inbound caller matches an Outlook contact the person's name pops up in your display. Right-click on a contact or email message to call them. You can also import Heads Up Display contacts into Outlook.

Web-Based Admin Panel

Use your browser to add users, make changes on the fly, view call logs and more; from anywhere there’s Internet access.

Full-Featured Call Reports

Search and filter capabilities let you create detailed reports from user call logs in real-time. 

Graphical Queue Reports

Chart queue data like abandonment rates, average hold time, completed calls, call volumes by time, day or month, and much more. Gain invaluable insights for planning and staffing.

Real-Time Queue Details

Convenient dashboard view of call volumes and available agents. Know who’s available, who’s on a call or who's waiting for calls so you can reprioritize calls in a flash. 

Real-Time Agent Productivity Stats

Know what your agents are up to, like who’s logged in, who’s on a call, and how many calls are in each queue. 

User/Group Permissions

Want to control who can make long distance calls or manage conference bridges? You can assign call feature permissions by user, job function or other parameters. 

Toll Restrictions

Ability to restrict calling abilities of specific agents (international calls or 411 directory information).

System Alerts/Notifications

Set alerts and notifications when calls, agents, or queue status is outside of preset performance metrics.

Unlimited Queues

Create queues for different departments; track calls into a specific number to measure marketing program ROI.

Agent Login/out with Reason

Agents can log in and out of their queues (or managers can log agents in and out) and view their login/logout status. 

Skills-Based Routing

Leverage employee skill levels for increased productivity and revenue; send more calls to your experienced agents, fewer calls to those in training. Add an additional prioritization layer based on agent order so you can allow similarly skilled agents to receive calls in round-robin fashion.

Queue Priorities

Route calls only to agents who are logged in.

Advanced Agent and Queue Reporting

Drill down to understand agent call patterns and productivity metrics, or view different parameters by queue. 

Barge, Monitor, and Whisper

Allow manager to take over trickier calls when required, monitor customer calls for training and quality, or give direction for agent ears only. 

Call Recording

Record and store agent calls on the fly for training and review.

Phone Scheduler

Change phone menu options for different times of day, days of the week or holidays. Also allows you to schedule when you need to forward calls or send them to voicemail.