Cost cited as primary reason to deploy VoIP solutions

Cost cited as primary reason to deploy VoIP solutions

A recent survey by Telappliant found that seven out of 10 small and medium-sized businesses in the U.K. plan to migrate to VoIP phone systems by 2013, with 68 percent citing lower telecommunication costs as the primary reason. Another 22 percent of businesses enjoyed the telework benefits that VoIP supplies, allowing more professionals to do their jobs from home or other locations outside of the office.

VoIP service provides a large number of other benefits, no matter where the business is located. Scalability and flexibility for professionals, improved audio quality and additional features not found in size-appropriate legacy solutions all make IP PBX a much more cost-effective solution for communications needs.

"With advanced telephony features usually only found on high-end phone systems, VoIP gives [small companies] a range of tools to compete more effectively with their larger competitors," said Tan Aksoy, CEO of Telappliant. "Functionality such as audio conferencing, call recording and interactive voice response will enable businesses to work smarter and more efficiently."

By deploying VoIP services now, a business can begin to take advantage of these benefits immediately, increasing savings and maximizing profits sooner rather than later, while also keeping ahead of evolving trends in telecommunications.

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