Remote workforce enabled with enhanced communication tools

Enhanced communications tools help to enable remote workers and ensure productivity.

Since the economic climate still has significant ground to make on the road to recovery, many businesses continue to look for ways to reduce costs and maximize productivity. IT budgets for new tech are one of the areas that has experienced significant cuts as companies look for solutions that will carry them through challenging times.

In a recent Computerworld article, contributor Howard Baldwin reported on the recent upsurge in telecommuting, citing information from Telework Research Network which found that between 2005 and 2012, the number of teleworkers increased 57 percent from 1.8 million to 3.1 million.

"In the earliest days of telecommuting, the gating factor for all workers was technology: You could take a floppy disk home and work on a document, but not much else," Baldwin wrote. "Those barriers have long since fallen, telecommuting consultants and IT executives confirm. With the ubiquity of broadband networking, VPNs, Skype, Web-ready cameras, videoconferencing and the explosion in ownership of personal mobile devices, most technological barriers to telework have long since fallen for many workers."

Today's environment has increased the demand for mobility, but remote workers need to be equipped with proper communications tools in order to work effectively and maintain the same or realize increased productivity as they would have were these workers in an office setting.

Best ways to use video features of IP phones
Business telephone systems that operate over internet protocol can provide a wealth of enhanced features that enable workers to do their jobs well from any location. recently released its take on the three "coolest" ways to use IP video calling features, including for public appearances, virtual dating and to attend important events.

While virtual dating is perhaps a topic for another time, individual employees and businesses can observe significant advantages from using IP-enabled video conferencing to make public appearances and attend important events. Public speaking fears can be a major roadblock for many, but IP video calling offers a solution by allowing a user to make a speech without the anxieties associated with feeling thousands of eyes on him or her.

"At the same time, video calling can make public speeches possible for people that are constantly on the move," MyVoIPProvider stated. "Most business VoIP providers offer their own form of IP video conferencing. Business professionals that do a lot of traveling can still host a meeting or address their staff, but they don't need to stop by the office."