Successful businesses move at lightning speed. Fonality has the tools you need to keep the pace.  Make smart decisions, faster.  Spend less time looking for information.  Give users the tools they need to work together efficiently and productively on the phone, from their computer or device, whether they’re in the next cube or across the country.

Take advantage of big business collaboration features designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-size businesses like yours.

What you get:

Visual Voicemail & Transcription

Ability to scan, sort, playback, delete, and flag all voicemails. VM can be accessed via email link (in MS Outlook, Gmail).

Screen Share

Ability to “share” your screen with other users in a single web conference event.  Participants receive a secure URL to access the visible desktop. Save up to 90% versus third-party solutions.


Employees can send secure instant messages on their own private chat network without opening a third-party application.

Audio Conferencing

Host your own on-demand conference calls for both internal and external attendees, with all the features like conference recording and add or remove participants.


Send a page or message to the whole company or a set of specific employees. Build groups with assigned extensions for “blast groups”.

Mobile Phone as Extension

Don’t want customers to know you’re working from home? Make and receive calls on your mobile device, with the appearance of using your office phone.

How does your business benefit?

Same Experience Anywhere

Have the same communication experience from anywhere. Our solutions enable remote workers to have the same tools and access from inside or outside the office.

Choose the Right Tool

Collaborate in meetings instantly with options like audio conferencing, screen share, and chat.

Know Who’s Available

Lets you see who’s online, on the phone or away, so you can choose the most efficient way to make contact.

One-stop Communications

Put all your communication tools in one convenient spot on your desktop, to stay connected with coworkers.

Save Money

Fonality collaboration solutions give you all the tools you need, so you don’t buy other tools.

Increased Productivity

Our collaboration solution has been proven to save workers two hours a day. 

Faster Decision-making

Save time by not having to track down coworkers for information and consensus. 

Empower Employees

With more tools and data at your fingertips, you can connect with the right person to make faster decisions and serve customers better.