Contact Center

Customers are more demanding than ever. Give them bad service, drop a call or take too long to answer and they may run to your competition.

Fonality’s Contact Center solution makes it easy to provide customer service and sales reps, call agents, employees and managers with the communications tools they need to serve customers efficiently.

In our opinion, you don't have to work in the contact center to provide quality customer service. You just need the right communication solution

What you get:

Real-Time Queue Details

Convenient dashboard view of call volumes and available agents. Know who’s available, who’s on a call or who's waiting for calls so you can reprioritize calls in a flash. 

Unlimited Queues

Create queues for different departments; track calls into a specific number to measure marketing program ROI.

Skills-Based Routing

Leverage employee skill levels for increased productivity and revenue; send more calls to your experienced agents, fewer calls to those in training. Add an additional prioritization layer based on agent order so you can allow similarly skilled agents to receive calls in round-robin fashion.

Advanced Agent and Queue Reporting

Drill down to understand agent call patterns and productivity metrics, or view different parameters by queue. 

Barge, Monitor, and Whisper

Allow manager to take over trickier calls when required, monitor customer calls for training and quality, or give direction for agent ears only. 

Call Recording

Record and store agent calls on the fly for training and review.

How does your business benefit?

Cost Savings

Fonality customers save an average of 23% as compared to traditional contact center customers.

Increased Flexibility

So your business is changing. With Fonality you can quickly increase your users or simple right size based on your business need.

Real-Time Activity

With Heads Up Display – you get real time stats on call queues and agent activity, easily with a simple dashboard view – or at a glance. Lets you know exactly what’s going on in your contact center at any time.

Better Customer Service

Customers get help faster because they’re routed directly to the right person.

Anywhere Management

Flexible management of your contact center from anywhere with mobility features that give you contact center presence when you’re not in the office.

Improve Agent Productivity

Monitor agent productivity with visual agent stats and performance reporting. Provide on the spot coaching and training for your agents.

Make Changes on the Fly

Simple to add users and features in hours, not weeks. Make changes quickly to improve queue performance or route call to different agents.  

Empower Employees

With more tools and data at your fingertips, you can connect with the right person to make faster decisions and serve customers better.