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    Don't let communication be a game of pass the parcel

    An inefficient communications can feel a lot like playing a game of pass the parcel. Take advantage of integrated phone systems to boost your business.

    How unified communications can improve workplace equality

    Unified communications is a great way to promote a collaborative environment and foster workplace equality for Australian businesses.

    Video conferencing and the formation of workplace trust

    In the mobile workforce, building trust via video conferencing between virtual employees is an effective tool for business communication.

    Video Collaboration: A Different View on Communications

    Video conferencing is an increasingly popular option for businesses, as studies begin to show that using the service can increase employee productivity.

    How millennials are redefining workplace communications

    Employers are scrambling to nurture the loyalty of their current millennial staff. How can you adapt your organization to the unique needs of millennials?

    Is your contact center providing the best customer service?

    Do you think your customer service offering is sufficient in its current state? Learn how employee access to information is paramount to a happy consumer base.

    Unified communications help you make sense of a hectic business world

    As more communication channels become available to us, it's becoming far more difficult for bosses to manage employees. UC, however, can make things much easier

    What does 2017 have in store for communication technology?

    2017 is sure to be an interesting year for advancements in digital technologies. AR/VR, mobile devices and cyber security will remain hot topics for business.

    How to have better conference call discussions

    Modern business calls are no longer restricted to just sound; video is now a standard addition to many business phone systems. Should you jump on the wagon?

    Business Continuity Starts with a Disaster Preparedness Plan

    A business continuity plan is one of the best investments you can make for your company. Use our Disaster Preparedness Checklist to make sure you're ready.

    Preparing your company to embrace a new cloud system

    A strong cloud system is essential for good business communication. If you've got the cloud on your side, you can share info and collaborate effortlessly.

    How to leverage communication technology over Christmas

    Business communications take a hit over the Christmas break as everyone goes on holiday. Don't let it affect productivity, use technology to keep in touch.
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