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    Total Control WAN, Network Agnostic SD-WAN

    The industry is seeing fast migration and adoption to cloud-based business services. SD-WAN provides alternatives for enterprises to route cloud traffic efficiently.

    Vertical farms and what they can teach us about cloud computing

    Vertical farms are an example of old tech transforming to meet future demands. Your business can do the same by moving to a cloud-based phone system.

    Out of the blue: cloud computing and emergency preparedness

    Unified communications and cloud computing can help determine whether or not a business is truly prepared for any emergency.

    Digital disruption: opportunity in disguise?

    Digital disruption is seen as both a blessing and a curse, but embracing current tech such as unified communications helps prep businesses for future disruption

    Mobile devices in the workplace: 10 years on

    Personal mobile devices in the workplace don't have to be a hindrance. Instead, with the right technology, they can act like an extension of our workspace.

    3 tips for achieving growth in your small business

    Growth can be achieved in many ways, but in the modern age there are some proven methods for taking your small business to the next level. Here are our top 3.

    Forget IQ, it's all about emotional intelligence

    Is EQ more important than IQ for business comm? Turns out, emotional intelligence positively affects job performance. Learn how to foster high EQ in your office

    Don't let communication be a game of pass the parcel

    An inefficient communications can feel a lot like playing a game of pass the parcel. Take advantage of integrated phone systems to boost your business.

    How unified communications can improve workplace equality

    Unified communications is a great way to promote a collaborative environment and foster workplace equality for Australian businesses.

    Video conferencing and the formation of workplace trust

    In the mobile workforce, building trust via video conferencing between virtual employees is an effective tool for business communication.

    Video Collaboration: A Different View on Communications

    Video conferencing is an increasingly popular option for businesses, as studies begin to show that using the service can increase employee productivity.

    How millennials are redefining workplace communications

    Employers are scrambling to nurture the loyalty of their current millennial staff. How can you adapt your organization to the unique needs of millennials?
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