Case Studies by Industry

Let us introduce to you our favorite people and biggest fans, our clients.


The Michael Glick Agency – “Upgrading to a Fonality phone solution was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business."  Tebow Financial Group – “I was the first Allstate agent in Alaska to use a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system. There were some challenges just because of the technology available up here. We're fairly remote. Fonality’s team stepped up to the plate and helped us. They've done a fantastic job dealing with the issues that really nobody knew about up here.” 

Faina Insurance Agency, Inc – “Regular analog lines don’t offer any of the features I rely on today - I couldn’t imagine running my business without them now.” 

Provest Insurance Company  "The most beneficial feature is being able to view the productivity of agents in real-time. I can see in real-time which agents are on the phone, how long they’ve been on a call, and even monitor or join in on those calls to provide support.”

Fort Lauderdale Insurance Services – "The beauty of Fonality is having a better understanding of the productivity of my staff, which allowed me to coach and train my staff using real data from the Fonality reports to support my discussions with them.” 

RLF Enterprises of Colorado  "The Fonality phone system gives us the opporutnity to link our offices together so that we can work as if we were just one location. I don't know of anybody that has the span of services that Fonality offers. Especially the way Fonality is integrated with eAgent."

Business Services and Technology

Overland Storage – "Fonality’s solution with HUD (Heads Up Display) made it easy for Overland Storage to give employees the capabilities they needed at a cost they could afford." 

National Association of Expert Advisors  Fonality’s hosted solution made it easy for the National Association of Expert Advisors to check on the activity of their sales agents. Using Fonality’s web-based administration interface, they were able to view call logs in real-time, listen in (passively or actively) on sales calls from agents, view historical reports, and export the reports to Microsoft Excel or Access for more granular interpretation. 

Advanced Medical  Advanced Medical realized that it needed to find a simple, affordable solution that would provide employees with the flexibility to work effectively from home or onsite while lowering their overall management costs. 

Berkeley Payment Solutions  “We were dependent on the telecom provider for support, updates and feature implementation.  That was a problem. We needed something we could manage ourselves. We wanted to have the flexibility to control the phone lines and change settings based on the needs of our business.  In doing our research for potential solutions, we were introduced to Fonality. 

Metro Offices – “As we were searching for a new solution, it was critical that we find a system that included a user-friendly front-end interface for our clients and ease of management to administer changes. It needed to be feature-packed. Costs were also a big factor. Fonality met all of our needs.” 

Non Profit and Education

United Spinal Association - Business Phone ServicesEcorse Public Schools – Fonality’s hybrid-hosted solution made system management easy for the Ecorse Public Schools. Using Fonality’s web-based administration interface, IT staff can now manage all aspects of the system, view call logs in real-time, and add, remove or change users or features quickly and easily. 

Charfen Institute – The Charfen Institute needed a business phone system that could easily scale for growth, help drive effective communication, provide contact center features, and reduce costs. 

United Spinal Association – "The Fonality solution is an evolutionary product that allowed us to standardize our telecommunications deployment across all locations, and realize impressive annual cost savings.  Any phone company can provide phone calls, but the improved quality of our phone calls both internally and with our membership was a real game-changer.”  

Manufacturing and Retail

Dentek Manufacturing - Business Phone Services

Sierra Office Supply – "On the date we were scheduled to go live, I spoke with the rep at Fonality and let them know we were ready to go. He hung up, and about 10 minutes later, all of our calls started ringing through the new VoIP phones. Absolutely no downtime. I was so relieved. It was such a simple process."

GraduationSource – After leaving Fonality for a competitor, GraduationSource realized that Fonality's cloud-based phone system offered more and provided the redundancy it needed and made the decision to switch back. 

Dentek  “More importantly than the cost savings has been the productivity lifts. Gone are the days of searching for conference rooms or playing phone tag. In addition, with call center capabilities, managers are able to take the pulse of the business at a moment’s notice." 

Patagonia "We have our call centre in Kamakura-City, a region often affected by climate conditions like typhoons. There is always the possibility that our staff cannot commute during these times. Now, we can still work remotely, even from home."

Bogert International  After using a large, well-known legacy carrier, Bogert grew weary of high costs for long distance calls, poor customer service and the inability to expand their communications system without incurring significant additional charges. 

And many more!

Kid's Happy Teeth – "My schedule was a challenge, since I rotate between the different offices. But they were really diligent about following up to get something scheduled and make sure our transition was as smooth as possible." 

Philadelphia 76ers  "The sound with Fonality is so clear compared to our old system, we’ve had to get used to it. I highly recommend any company searching for a more innovative phone system that can truly make an impact on their business to check out Fonality. Fonality has also shown their commitment to delivering exceptional service and we’ve been so been impressed with the responsiveness and follow through - they are a truly reliable partner.”