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Fonality Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Get queues, on-demand recording, reporting and more.

Whether you have five employees or 500, your callers need to reach the right person quickly and painlessly. You also need information so you can make good decisions for your business. You need the tools call centers use!

That's why we offer fundamental as well as advanced features — all at a fraction of the cost of separate call center software.

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Your Fonality phone solution comes with six* built-in Contact Center tools:



Unlimited simple queues: Shorten wait times by routing calls to the first available sales, billing or support.

Check_box.jpgOn-demand Recording: Record calls with a click for quality assurance and training. 

Check_box.jpgRemote worker support: Empower remote teams using the included desk phone, softphone, and/or HUD Mobile app.

Check_box.jpgDaily reporting: See how callers interact with your team and when to schedule staff with automated email reports.

Check_box.jpgWeb Launcher: Help callers faster with easy integration with online CRM, billing, and help desk systems.


Click to Dial: Dial a number from Outlook emails or web pages with one click.

*Included in Professional and Ultimate editions using
Heads Up Display (HUD).

Check_box.jpgUpgraded queues: 
Nothing simple about these queues. Customize for level one support, by individual, and more.

Check_box.jpgQueue priority: Ensure your most critical calls don’t wait by deciding which queues take priority.

Check_box.jpgSkills-based routing: Increase productivity and revenue when you send more calls to experienced staff.

Check_box.jpgCustom call routing: Route callers to the right place quickly using any of 7 automatic call distributor (ACD) types.

Check_box.jpgBarge, Monitor, Whisper: Instant training, coaching, and customer satisfaction tools built into HUD. (No * code!)

Check_box.jpgReal-time metrics: Use to improve customer service, maximize payroll, and even refine business hours.

Check_box.jpgGraphical reporting: Make sure you’re staffed properly when you can see spikes in volume via performance graphs.


Every Ultimate Edition subscription includes these advanced features. Or, Professional Edition subscribers can add them for just $10 per user per month.

Fonality Ultimate Savings June 2016 Offer - Call Center